Finding The Middle Ground


Is The Win/Win For Us?

If you and your significant other have been having communication challenges, misunderstandings and finding it difficult to create a middle ground, then you need The Win/Win.


What Is The Win/Win?

The Win /Win is a 4 part guided conversation designed for couples seeking an objective counsel to work through a specific issue. As a Certified Conflict Resolution Specialist and Mediator, I work with couples to facilitate mutually beneficial outcomes by establishing an environment that promotes effective communication.


What Are The Benefits Of The Win/Win?

At the end of these sessions you will not only have clarity about what to do next, you will also be better listeners, improved communicators and be able to speak with each other in a way that creates what you both want.


Why The WIn/Win?

My reason for doing this work is based in my own history, coming from foster care and working with children around the world. I saw how their parent's failed relationship was the catalyst for many of the challenges their children, have had to overcome. I do this work because it's my way of preventing children from going through what I went through. When couples are happy, children grow up with less issues. Life is too short to spend your time together fighting.


How does The Win/Win work?

1. I will talk with you both, separately, for 60 minutes apiece, to get a clear assessment of where you are emotionally and mentally in regards to the relationship and/or situation.

2. We'll then schedule our sessions where I will meet with you and your partner via Skype or in person to navigate you and your partner through the process. Each session will last 90 - 120 minutes and  feature guided conversations, exercises and a homework assignments. Session take place via Skype or in person.

3. Within a week after the completion of The Win/Win, I will email you a detailed written synopsis on the convos and reiterate key insights, rituals and tools we covered for you to have as sacred document to refer back to for years to come.

4. 30 days after, I will follow up with you separately to check in on your progress and assess how you things have been since we have completed our session.



"Rarely when people speak about communication do they mention listening which is a huge factor in negotiating and understanding any issue; Kazi is an extraordinary seasoned listener and it was because of this, as well as his genuine and heart-felt concern for win-win situations, that I was able to reach a new level of understanding with the father of my children. I am beyond grateful for how Kazi persevered with us through one of the hardest conversations I've ever had. As a coach and mediator I can't recommend him highly enough."O. Merchant [Business Owner]

"Kazi coached my partner and I through some tough times. I'd reached an impasse with my lady and we'd virtually stopped using the same language. Kazi very patiently crafted a space for us to reach understanding, he is masterful at creating a 'forum of listening' for couples to find the missing thread and was the balance we truly needed."Markus Kingsley [Visual Artist]