Straight Talk No Chaser: NY is an interactive experience between a group of single and committed men and audience of professional women. 

Product Description: 

In this 90 minute video, a panel of committed and single men are put under oath and asked a series of provocative questions about what men look for during the courtship process, what makes them commit, what causes them to cheat, what are the best ways to communicate effectively with them in order to get what you want and more.  


Demetria Lucas, Media Personality

Chris Kazi Rolle, Matchmaker 


  • Shawn Young [Married]  
  • Anthony Morris [Married]
  • DeeJay CEO [Committed]
  • Shawn Blanchard [Bachelor]
  • Eternal Bakr [Bachelor]
  • Eyan Edwards [Bachelor]


Dr. Jeff Gardere,  Psychologist 


  1. Welcome & Introduction
  2. Audience Engagement: The Biggest Challenge in Relationships
  3. Meet The Panelists: Shawn Y., Tmor, Eyan, Eternal, Shawn B. + CEO
  4. Round 1: [Courtship] - What goes on in the mind of man \during the dating process?
  5. Round 2: [Commitment] - What does a man look for in a woman he commits to?
  6. Round 3: [Cheating] - How does a man mentally negotiate cheating?
  7. Round 4: [Open Floor Q&A] - Ask anything them anything.
  8. The Audience: Take-Aways
  9. The Challenge: Chris Kazi Rolle