STNC: Panelists Selection Criteria

In an effort to get a well rounded representation of philosophies and perspectives, we seek, screen and select attractive men from various walks of life. We choose our panelists based on their ability to be authentic, transparent, introspective and articulate. We have found that our audiences receive better takeaways when our panelists possess the ability to go within, and clearly communicate what goes on in mind and heart of single and committed men.  


The 6 panelists should be of varied relationship status.  

  • 1] Married For Over 10

  • 1] Newlywed under [2 years]

  • 1] Divorced Bachelor

  • 1] Bachelor Over 35

  • 1] Committed

  • 1] Bachelor Under 30

The panel should represent a complete spectrum of heterosexual men.

  • Pretty Boy/ Average Joe / Distinguished Gentlemen

  • Different Complexions

  • Varied Hair Styles

  • Mixed Ethnicity

  • Varied Height & Weight

Ideally We Would Love To Have A:  

  • White Collar: Works in Corporate America  

  • Red Collar: A Working Artist

  • Green Collar: A Successful Entrepreneur

  • No Collar: Not too far removed from the Street

  • Red Collar: Socialite/Public Figure

  • Blue Collar: Community Activist

Each panelist should:

  • Be articulate and introspective.

  • Unafraid to speak the truth.

  • Desire to see our families and communities stronger.

  • Active on FB, Twitter & Instagram with a combined following of at least 1500

  • Have an email contact list of at least 50 people.

We Also Require That Panelist:

  • Share with their following + be involved in the online conversation

  • Do a pre-event meet up all the other panelists.

  • Study Panelist Guide