The Panelists: 

Dr. Aletha Maybank - Physician & Asst. Commissioner NYC Dept Of Health + Mental Hygiene 

Ainsley Burrows - Cultural Provocateur & Creator of The Sweet Spot 

Dr. Madeleine Castellanos - Sex Therapist & Founder Of Reclaim Your Sexuality 

Abiola Abrams - MultiMedia Personality, Author & Sex Educator

In this Video The Following Questions Will Be Answered:

- Why are so many women not experiencing orgasms during sex? 
- What do men really want in the bedroom more than anything else?
- Why does size matter?
- Is 'her' size more important 'his'? 
- How can men 'and' women accommodate for different size penises? 
- What is porn addiction and how prevalent is it? 
- Do women consume porn as much as men do? 
- What is the value of pornography, if any? 
- Why are the majority of women not achieving orgasms during sex? 
- What are guaranteed ways to ensure she climaxes?
- What can men do to increase their stamina and not ejaculate prematurely?