Kazi's Relationship Readiness Course


26 Steps That Will Prepare You For Love


What Is Relationship Readiness?

Relationship Readiness is a 30 day online coaching program for individuals who desire to work on themselves, in order to lay a firm foundation on which they can build a healthy and loving partnership.

Why The Relationship Readiness?

We have all heard the saying, “Preparation is the key to success.” We often apply it to business but it can be applied to dating and relationships as well. Chris Kazi Rolle has over 10 years of experience and knowledge on what makes relationship work, as well as what makes them fail. This program aggregates all of his research into a 26 steps process. 

Is Relationship Readiness For You?

This program is for coachable adults who desire to heighten their level of self-love and are serious about making their next relationship better than the last. 

What does Relationship Readiness feature?

  • 26 daily video classes sent directly to your computer/mobile device. 
  • 3 live group sessions with Kazi.
  • 3 Modules covering 26 steps, plus internal/external practice and assessments.
  • Relationship Ready Workbook with very simple but powerful exercises. 
  • Tried and proven methodology that delivers on its promise.

What Are The Benefits Of Relationship Readiness?

  • Get a practical framework on how to prepare for a relationship.
  • Unpack your baggage and internalized messages around relationships.
  • Learn skills to navigate difficult moments ahead of time.
  • Develop habits that strengthen communication and deepen connection.
  • Build a found foundation for love based on a specific set of values.


"Kazi’s ability to “take you there” through a series of questions is truly a gift. He makes you look in places where you would otherwise avoid or choose not to go, but these are the places where the jewels to one’s freedom resides. He has the ability to give those that have once given up on love, hope about what is possible. Thanks Kazi!"

Relationship Readiness
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