Independent Assessment: performed by Kaiser Group


Company: The CKR Agency

Service: Matchmaking + Coaching

Age: 7 Years In Business 

Success Rate: 97 % 

Ratio: An average of 4 dates before a match is made. 


Over the course of 7 years The CKR Agency has: 

- served over 500 clients 

- arranged over 700 dates [via matchmaking and speed dating events] 

- been responsible for 12 couples entering into holy matrimony

- been responsible  for 4 couples becoming engaged. 

- 67% were are in committed relationships 

- 92% said that they enjoyed the dating process,  recommendations and personal coaching.  

- 100% said that they have become better people as result of working with CKR Agency.

- 100% said that they would recommend the service,


(Assessment performed August 2016)