I was born and raised in a third world country, where I was abandoned as a baby and grew up in the foster care system. During a chance encounter at The Children's Emergency Hostel, my foster mother was looking for a little girl, but she said when she saw me, something about me spoke to her. 

After 9 years of living with her family, I got an opportunity to come to America to reunite with my biological mother. It was hard separation, but I got on plane to meet a woman I have never met. The reunion was short-lived. I found myself homeless and hopeless, on the streets Of Brooklyn, New York.

Then one day, I ended up at an after-school theater program ran by teaching artist and manager, Alaine Roberson. This was a turning point in my journey. It was through the Arts, where I found my voice. I found the power of using music and media to heal, educate and convey a message. 

When I First Come To America.

When I First Come To America.


I have always been able to connect with people from different walks of life, but never did I think a teacher from my high school, would go on to become a mentor, business partner and one of best friends.

Scott Rosenberg is a philanthropist with a huge heart. Though we came from different worlds, we both loved Hip Hop. He even used it in the classroom. At the time, I never saw someone do it before. It sparked an interest, not only in the subject, but also, in the methodology. It gave me an idea!

Scott and I later partnered on that idea, and in 1999, we co-founded, The Hip Hop Project, an arts-education organization that teaches young artists the creative and corporate sides of the music business, while providing industry professionals with the opportunity to give back. Russell Simmons, Jay-Z and some of the biggest executives and artists, were contributors. 

Seven years later, Hollywood heavyweights Bruce Willis and Queen Latifah partnered to make an award-winning, feature-length documentary film about the work of the organization and told my story. After winning 16 film festival awards around the world, the movie was released theatrically nationwide May 2007 to rave reviews. 

Bruce Willis at Hip Hop Project premiere in NYC. 

Bruce Willis at Hip Hop Project premiere in NYC. 


I never intended to become a coach but I have come to learn first hand that, God puts you through a process to give you your purpose. The signs were there along, but in retrospect, you often see what you couldn't see at the moment. I stumbled into my purpose. It was through the process of following my passion, that I found it.  Hindsight truly is 20/20.  

After the movie, I traveled extensively, speaking at education conferences and institutions by day, concerts and clubs by night. For both audiences, I merged entertainment with education. I called it the pill in the dog food approach. It became my modus operandi. 

As I spoke with the people at my shows, listened to the personal stories of the artists I mentored and looked into my own life, I noticed a pattern. Most of the things that we were all dealing with, were connected to the failure of the relationship between our parents. When romantic relationships failed, the children from those unions were affected the most [I talk about this in my TEDx talk]. Unless we do the work, we will repeat the cycle.

In a quest to get to the root of the problem [and do the work], I became obsessed with 1. the study of the psychology behind why people do the things that they do, 2. what causes a relationship to be successful and 3. what are the best ways to resolve conflict. 

Your calling is often connected to what people call you for. When I think back to when I was in the orphanage, music business, non-profit sector or hanging out with friends and family, I was always the go-to guy for finding out how to solve relationship challenges and overcome obstacles. One way to find your purpose it to take time to reflect. You'll notice that what you missed along the way. 

Kazi hosting a Together Apart event.

Kazi hosting a Together Apart event.


My purpose is to help people communicate better. The cause and the cure of most relationship challenges. Throughout my amazing journey of trials and triumphs,  I have learned that success first starts with the conversation in your head. That ‘communication’ ripples out to all areas of your life.

It’s cliché, but it really is true that communication is the key to success! It is also the biggest obstacle as well. This is why I focus my practice in this area.

I have Master’s level understanding of the type of language, love and laughter that creates happy healthy relationships. In addition to my professional training, independent study, experts interviews and focus groups, I also worked on me. I wanted to practice what I preached, so I could speak from a connected place. I wanted to be able to say "I've been there. I know what you are going through." "Here is what I did."  

On Our Wedding Day. 10/20/2012

On Our Wedding Day. 10/20/2012


As you get to know me better, you’ll find that my style is a little different from many other coaches and matchmakers. I am a bit of a hybrid, so I don’t fit into any conventional box. I use psychology, spiritual wisdom and straight talk to produce results. Think  Tony Robbins, Ayanla Vanzant and Chris Rock merged in to one super-human being.

I am skilled, experienced and talented at what I do. I have served hundreds of clients over the years through one on one coaching, speaking and workshops. My track record and success rate speaks for itself. I have overcome extreme challenges and it has given me a wealth of practical strategies, insights, tools and resources to provide to my clients. 

Through my products, productions and programs, I am out to make relationships healthy, reciprocal and long lasting. My signature offerings are solutions-based, action-oriented and completely confidential. My message is universal, so my clients come from all walks of life and live in 13 countries around the world. 

Kazi speaking at event in The Bahamas.

Kazi speaking at event in The Bahamas.


My promise is always to always go the extra mile. My team and I are all about excellence, quality and efficiency. We genuinely care about ‘you’, and we are 1000% committed to getting you results, while making the process fun and engaging.

As a certified life/relationship coach, mediator and motivational speaker with real world triumphs over adversity and a God-given gift to do this work, my clients are in capable hands.

Lastly, whenever I put out a brand new product or stumble upon something amazing that I think you should know about, my newsletter subscribers get it first. So make sure you’re a subscriber. It’s FREE!