Interested In Matchmaking/Coaching? 

After an intake process of assessments and personal analysis, clients can choose from 2 main packages: 

1] ONE-ON-ONE MATCHMAKING: My most requested service is private matchmaking and/or life coaching (and honestly, it’s one of my favorite to do). This program includes bi-weekly sessions directly with me and my team for 6 months. We tailor a custom road map based on several analysis tools and coach you through it (and if matchmaking is requested, we will provide 30 strong matches - although most of my clients receive many more matches). Our goal with this program is to teach you skills, provide tools, devise strategy, and make select introductions (while you’re working incredibly hard along the way).  The program fee is $6,000 for matchmaking/coaching combo.

2] I have a “match-only” INTRODUCTION service. While it still requires a basic orientation and prep sessions, this is a non-coaching program geared towards those who simply want to “meet more people.” You must be open to long distance and open to dating men and  between ages of 30-42 years old. We will provide a minimum of 8 high caliber introductions, meetup/date arrangement, and brief feedback sessions after each meetup/date. We estimate the duration for the program to be 3 monthsThe program fee is $3,000. 

We also provide a smaller program of a minimum of 5 matches.  This program is for people who want to meet likeminded individuals, with the potential for there to be a romantic connection. The program fee for this is $1000. 

NOTE: All of the programs listed can be paid in installments.