Unlock the Secrets to Understanding
Men in Just One Day...

Let Chris Rolle Teach You How-To
Find Love + Keep It Alive With Your Mr. Right  

It doesn’t matter if you’re single, casually dating, in a relationship, or even married – your day with Kazi will be jam-packed with must-know secrets to transform your love life into one every woman dreams about. 

Here are just some of the must-know secrets Kazi is going to reveal to you during your day together… 

  • Where to meet the right kind of men for you
  • Kazi’s 3-step approach to meeting the hottest guy in any room with zero chance of rejection
  • The real reason guys don’t call back and how to get your phone ringing off the hook
  • The Game-Changer Technique that instantly has him seeing you as different from any other woman he’s been with, and the only woman he wants for the rest of his life
  • Why men suddenly pull away when things seem to be going great
  • Kazi’s renowned 4 Part Attraction Formula that will give you the power to create intense chemistry with incredible men, and maintain that chemistry
  • A foolproof method for guaranteeing a second date
  • Mind-blowing communication approaches that will break your relationship-killing patterns and immediately put you on a more connected path with with men
  • The surprising triggers that keep men interested in you long term
  • How to get your guy to chase you and be more romantic
  • Simple confidence tricks you can use on yourself when you are feeling needy or scared of getting hurt that will immediately put you back in your most confident, high-value state (Even if you’re in a relationship, these techniques will save it because they eliminate the self-sabotaging patterns that come from insecurity) 
  • How to have the exclusivity talk in a way that doesn’t scare him off, but instead gets him excited about being with you and you only
  • Exactly how to become a High Value Woman, with more confidence, charisma, and certainty about what you want from your life than ever before

…And much, much more.

This is a rare opportunity for you to quickly learn Kazi's most powerful techniques for attracting, keeping and understanding your Mr. Right.

The best part is that you'll walk away with your step-by-step action plan that you can start using that very night!

You’ll learn more in this one day than you could in months reading self-help books at home alone, not to mention have a lot more fun doing it!

If you want 2015 to be your most successful year in love yet, you simply can’t miss out on this life-changing day.

Chris’ other training programs cost from $200.00 - $397.00 to even $3,500.00, but he wanted to make this event accessible to every woman who wants lasting love, so the tickets are being offered at an incredibly affordable price.

But this event will sell out fast, so get your ticket today, before someone else does...


Is this event right for me?
"Chris Kazi Rolle Live" is for women of all ages and all walks of life. The only requirement is a desire to make a transformation in your love life to get the lasting love you deserve!

Can I bring a friend?
Absolutely! But don’t delay – this event will sell out quickly.

I’m coming alone. Is that ok?
Yes! Many women attend by themselves. You’re going to meet other amazing women at the event – perhaps some of them may become one of your lifelong friend. One of the best things about "Chris Kazi Rolle Live" is that you’ll walk away with a brand new support system of women to share your journey with you.

I'm in a relationship, can I still attend?
Of course. The tools and techniques Kazi shares improve the quality of relationships for single and committed women. So, whether you’ve never been on a date or you’ve been married for 30 years, you’ll leave the event with a plan for taking your love life to the next level.

How does your guarantee work?
If, after attending the event, you are not completely satisfied, speak with one of the Customer Service Representatives at the event and you will be issued a full refund. 

What is the next step?
Once you purchase your ticket you’ll get an email with all the details.

How long is the event?
Six jam-packed hours of tried and proven techniques, communication tips, paradigm shifting insights, secret, dancing and fun. 

Will I be put on the spot or brought on stage to speak?
No at all. If you simply want to sit back and enjoy the ride in privacy, that’s perfectly OK.

What should I do next?
Click the "RSVP" button below before another woman gets your spot, and get ready for your date with Kazi!