Preparing For Success

What Is Relationship Ready?

Relationship Ready is a group coaching program that guides you through a 26-step process to prepare you to enter into a healthy, loving partnership.

Why Relationship Ready?

Relationship Ready gives you the proper tools to help you increase your self-awareness, self-confidence, self-love, self-discipline, self-discovery and self-actualization. This level of self-work will make you more attractive to a potential mate and ensure you enter into your next relationship complete and whole.

Is Relationship Ready Right For You?

You should ONLY consider the Relationship Ready program if you’re willing to look at yourself through an objective lens. This is NOT the program for you if you’re looking for a scheme to magically make someone love you, get back with you, or propose to you.

What does Relationship Ready feature?

This program includes:

  • [13] online videos [emailed to you once a week].

  • Downloadable workbook with self-exploration questions, creative exercises and homework assignments.

  • Daily motivational messages to keep you focused on taking the steps toward your goal.

  • Detailed written analysis and tracking through the process.

  • Tried and proven methodology that will deliver on its promise.


“Kazi creates safe spaces for men and women to have open and honest dialogue about relationships. Knowledge is power, and Kazi is empowering.” – Demetria L. Lucas [Life Coach & Author]


Rules Of Engagement

What Is The Do’s + Don’ts of Dating?

The Do’s + Don’ts of Dating is a fun, interactive program for men and women to learn how to approach and engage each other on the dating scene.

Why The Benefits Of The Do’s + Don’ts of Dating?

Men and women are often misinformed about what the opposite sexes need and want in a relationship because they tend to speak amongst themselves. This program is the perfect opportunity to gather valuable insight straight from the source.

What does The Do’s + Don’ts of Dating feature?

  • Improvisational skits

  • Group discussion

  • Role playing

  • Valuable takeaways

After improvising real-life `scenarios there will be an opportunity for each side to educate the other on the best approach to get what they want. 

Who is The Do’s + Don’ts of Dating For?

This program is designed for single men and women (ages 25 – 35) who enjoy learning together, through practice and theory.


Chris Kazi Rolle has taken that living room, intimate gathering, added structure to it and placed it in a comfortable, social setting that allows real Q&A that provides information, insight and a bit of understanding to one of our largest and longest standing issues, male and female relationships. If you’ve never been, you should attend. Kudos to Kazi for creating such a forum! ~ Attika Torrence [Film Director]