My name is Chris Kazi Rolle. I am a professional matchmaker. 

My company Together Apart, work with our clients and members to position them for success before we connect them with each other. 

Men are clients. Women are members. 

All members are interviewed and vetted before being accepted into our database. We look for women who are beautiful, smart women and of good character. These women work in entertainment, law, medicine and education. 

Due to time restraints and major professional responsibilities, our members' opportunities to have social outing are free and far between. These  women are private, and as a result, dating sites are not an option. That's where we come in

Clients tell us what they are looking for and we search within our database for all the women that fit his specifications. We then present the best candidates our client. If there's a mutual interest, our job is then to orchestrate an introduction.

Here is how the process works:



You apply for membership to our exclusive club. If accepted, we'll provide you with access to our private members only portal, where you'll set up a profile.




Next, you'll periodically receive emails with complete profiles of clients interested in you. If you find that you're also interested in them, we'll set you two up on a date. 

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After the date, no phone numbers are shared. In our post date feedback sessions, if you two agree to a 2nd date, I would then provide you both with each other’s contact information.