Eligible Bachelor ($100 Referral Program)

Do you have family member, friend or co-worker you've always wanted to set up on a date? This is your chance to hook them up (and make a little money in the process). The Eligible Bachelor campaign is a crowdsourcing initiative that allows everyday people, like yourself, to play matchmaker. 

If you know a commitment minded man who is 30-50 years of age, SINGLE and financially self-sufficient submit your referral below and we’ll do the rest (the rest includes an interview and other verification). If your referral is accepted into our database and matched with a client, we will pay you $100.

Since 2009, my company has coached hundreds of smart, successful, beautiful women to achieve their personal and professional goals. Due to work constraints many of them don't have the time  get out date and aren't the type to use dating sites. We solve this problem, by seeking out and vetting awesome guys for them— which is why we've launched the Eligible Bachelor Campaign.

We believe that everyone deserves to have love in their lives. We believe that we all can play a part in making this a reality. Thank you for your participation and the $100 is just small way to show our gratitude. We can’t wait to see the great men you refer!