“Kazi really took the time to get to know me and the exact qualities I desired in a woman. Over a couple of months, I went on 6 dates, each with pretty awesome women. After discussing each with Kazi, he called me one afternoon and excitedly said, “I think I may have found the woman for you”! I went on my first date with my lady the following Thursday, and then we met weekend, and again on Tuesday, and the rest is history!  It’s almost one year now that I have been with the love of my life! Thank you Kazi! You’re amazing! - Adam, 38, - Attorney, View Park, CA
“I met this beautiful, smart man, who I am proud to call my husband, because of Kazi. I really appreciate his willingness to continue to send me candidates even after our contract had expired. Lucky me!” - Shenna, 39 - Consultant: NYC
“I don't know if you remember me or not, but I thought that I would reach out to thank you for matching me with Marissa. We are very excited about our wedding at Sandals in Nassau, Bahamas in a few weeks. We wouldn’t have met each other without your introduction. Thank you!” - Juan, 46, - Manhattan
“I became a client, with hesitation, and a curious heart. I was skeptical but intrigued about by the idea of matchmaking. The in-person experience appeals to me. Every guy I've met through Together Apart, has been intelligent, articulate, down to earth and thoughtful. The team members at Together Apart were always professional, transparent, empathic and genuine.” - Autumn, 32, - Doctor, Los Angeles
"Together Apart's events are really cool! I love the exclusivity. I've met some really great people there, including my fiancé... We've had our issues, but Kazi was there to help us work through our stuff. We appreciate having him in our lives." - Glenn, 38, - New York