“Kazi creates safe spaces for men and women to have open and honest dialogue about relationships. Knowledge is power, and Kazi is empowering.”
— Demetria Lucas D'oxley [Author]
“I really liked how comfortable it was to share what I was truly thinking, feeling and behaving. I didn’t feel like I ever had to hide details and I felt my open-ness was met with sincere non-judgement from Kazi.”
— Sarah Fulton [Buzzfeed Producer]
Kazi has changed my life. And not just in the moment when I’m having a session with him, but literally my day to day beliefs, actions, and thoughts have changed for the better.
— Jennifer Mather [Estate Manager]
I am very much an “independent woman” so going to Kazi for support was acknowledging to the world, that a sista needed help. Fortunately for me, Kazi made all of our conversations comfortable and he reminded me that it’s okay to seek out support.
— Akua Soadwa [Life Coach]
As I stepped into marriage, I worked with Kazi 1-on-1 to gain a 3rd party perspective on how I could be a better husband. His coaching was objective and his advice gave me insight that helped me show up in a more loving and powerful way in my relationship with my wife.
— Jullien Gordon [Husband + Business Coach]
Working with Kazi was extremely enlightening and an overall life changing experience. He is easy to talk to and an amazing coach. His advice was really helpful and very balanced. If you’re seeking to grow as a person and foster meaningful relationships, go to Kazi!
— KF [Talent Agent]
Kazi was reliable, positive, creative, and a great accountability coach! He helped me to be more vulnerable in sharing my creative ideas; thus giving me more refined confidence.
— J. Fields [Sales Executive]
Often times, we know the answers...It’s just the right questions that we’re not asking or being asked. Kazi masterfully guides you through the process of uncovering your own truths. He helped me to reveal myself to myself.
— G. Wilson [Celebrity Male Groomer]
Alexandria Threat
Kazi helped me to understand how I receive love, what love has looked like over my lifetime and how to love my partner the way they desire to be loved.
— Alex T. [Singer]
Chris Kazi Rolle facilitated a co-ed conversation between the students here at San Diego Mesa College. He created an environment that allowed our young people to effectively communicate with each other. Excellent job!
— Starla Lewis [College Professor]
Chris Kazi Rolle is dedicated to providing a comfortable platform for discourse, and understanding between men and women. He fosters healthy relationships based on truth and not perception.
— Fabrice Armand [Fundraiser]
“I wouldn’t be where I am without this guy! Kazi has coached me through the various career and life changing moments of my life. He’s provided me with great advice, tips, pointers, and practices that ultimately lead to me finding my better self.”
— Erica Valcourt [Marketing Executive]