Creating A Future Together 

What Is The Merger?

The Merger is a four-part guided conversation designed to assist you in creating a vision, plan and constitution for the future of your relationship, while merging your individual goals into a cohesive, dynamic document.

Is The Merger For Us?

If you are a planner and want to set your relationship up to succeed, or if you just want to engage in a fun activity with your significant other, that will greatly benefit your union for years to come, then this is the coaching program for you.

What Are The Benefits Of The Merger?

Building a relationship is like merging two companies. Both parties bring valuable assets, norms, values and aspirations to the table. It’s always easier to negotiate the terms with a skilled mediator who can objectively guide you through the process, ensuring both party’s voices and interests are woven into the fold.

Why The Merger?

Creating a relationship is often organic and left to chance. By taking a proactive approach early on, you can set yourselves up to succeed in the long run.

How Does The Merger Work?

1. Kazi will talk with each of you for 60-90 minutes separately—to get a clear assessment of where you are emotionally and mentally in regards to your relationship.

2. We’ll then schedule your sessions where Kazi will meet with both of you via Skype or in-person to navigate you and your partner through The Merger process. Each session will last 120 – 180 minutes and will feature guided conversations, thought provoking questions,  revealing exercises and collaborative homework assignments that will strengthen you and your union for the monumental commitment ahead of you.

3. After the completion of The Merger, you will receive a detailed written synopsis of your sessions, along with a list of resources and recommendations to strengthen your bond. 

4. After 30 days, Kazi will follow up with each of you separately to check on your progress and assess how things have been going.


“As I stepped into marriage, I worked with Kazi 1-on-1 to gain a 3rd party perspective on how I could be a better husband. His coaching was objective despite our friendship and his questions and advice gave me insight that helped me show up in a more loving and powerful way in my relationship with my wife. Kazi’s research on love and relationships is where is wisdom is sourced from and his deep listening has allowed him to create frameworks, tools, and conversations that help love last long.” Jullien Gordon [Husband + Business Coach]