Closing Out Peacefully

Is The Transition For Us?
This coaching package is for you if you are ending a long term relationship with someone you love, but realize that you cannot be in union with them. You wish them no ill will and would like to end the relationship on a high note.

What Is The Transition?
The Transition is a carefully planned process to assist couples with closing out a long term relationship and making it a peaceful transition.

What Are The Benefits Of The Transition?
Closure conversations benefit you emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It answers important questions, acknowledges the love that did exist between you and your partner, allows the opportunity to give feedback, and contributes to each person’s healing process.

Why The Transition?
Closure is essential for moving forward after a long relationship but many people avoid it; communication has deteriorated to such a bad place, trying seems fruitless. So, both parties walk away with baggage which they carry right into their next relationship. By having an objective counsel guide you through the process, a peaceful transition is possible.


How Does The Transition Work?

1. Kazi will talk with each of you for 60 minutes separately, to get a clear assessment of where you are emotionally and mentally in regards to the closure of the relationship.

2. We will then schedule the closure conversation sessions where I will meet with to navigate you and your partner through The Transition process. The session will last 90 – 120 minutes and will take place in-person or via Skype.

3. After the completion of The Transition, you will receive a detailed written synopsis of the convos, which will include key insights and takeaways. This will be your sacred document to refer back to for years to come.

4. After 30 days, Kazi will follow up with each of you separately to check on your progress and assess how you things have been going since the completion of your session.


“In the mental fog of ending of a relationship I valued and put a lot of time and energy into building, one thing was clear to me. I wanted the end to be as beautiful and nurturing as the beginning. I wanted a completion conversation, that was all I asked for and my husband agreed. Once I knew this was really going to happen Kazi was my first choice and I have had no regrets. He managed all of our interactions professionally in a manner that was respectful and caring yet clear and firm. I loved the structure, the questioning and the follow-up.” Jamilah S. [Middle School Principal]