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For Fellas Only

Submission Is For Men Too

Contrary to popular belief, submission, is for men too.It's impossible to experience love at the deepest level without both parties being submissive.

When two people give of themselves it takes the relationship higher. When only one person submits, there will always be a struggle.

There was a time I use to think that it was all about the woman submitting to her man, but through study, and experience, I have come to realize that submission is essential for both parties to have a successful union. It takes two!

When both parties humble their egos and give up themselves.

The ME, and the YOU, disappear, and the focus becomes about "the us".

Our personal need to be right, becomes second to doing what is right.

By agreeing to be vulnerable to one another, they automatically let go of the fear of being mistreated or manipulated.

They surrender to love between them.