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An Open Letter To Men Who Text

Dear Men Who Text, From a time management stand point, I can see how texting can be a great way to stay on her mind while you handle other business [and for some of us guys, juggle multiple women]. I get it. I've done it too.

That is why, I can tell you, from experience, that the thing to be cautious of is, technology doesn't always convey what you are really trying to say, or who you really are, and...on top of that, men and women speak two different languages.

See, when texting is your primary means of talking to her, what 'she' gets from you, differs, from your intention. She interprets it as a sign that you don't hold her in high regard. It tells her that she isn't worth your time. It also comes across as if you're selfish. It communicates that you are the type of man who wants something of value, for nothing in return. You want to be intimate without intimacy.

You can't get to know someone through texting! You just can't. Quality relationships begin with quality conversation and quality time. Anything else, leads to too much miscommunication.

If you are really interested in her, pick up the phone and call her.