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Don't Let Your Biological Clock Cause You To Settle


In many of my conversations with women, of all ages, I have learned a lot about their hopes, dreams, experiences and perspectives.

From my listening, I have gleaned that the desire to be a mother really affects how most women plan out their lives. Especially in the area of relationships.

The ability to have a child is a limited time offer. Nature imposes a deadline that can make some woman fearful about not accomplishing the goal of motherhood. For many, this fear causes them to make relationship decisions that are not always the best.

What choices are there for women who want to have children but can't find a mate that is the perfect fit? I've seen somego the natural insemination route, while others make a silent decision to settle and accept a man who may not be her ideal.

To these women I say... You may luck up with this strategy, but more often than not, you won't. So I implore you stay hopeful. You can have what you want. Perhaps you may just need to tweak your approach.

 The male to female ratio on the dating scene can seems pretty lopsided, and after a series of  not-so-inspiring dates with men who didn’t want to commit to being husbands and fathers (or even a boyfriend for that matter), and I can totally understand how you can get become jaded about the possibility of meeting someone who is serious about building a family.  

But, before you throw in the towel, I encourage you to ask yourself... “Did I do everything I could, to get what I really want?”. If not, here are a few options for you to consider...

1. Get Out Of The Office  

If you give all your time to the job, you won’t ever meet anybody. The same way you schedule meetings, you have to get social outings on your calendar as well. You have to make the time.

2. Go Where The Men Are

It’s highly unlikely that you will meet Mr. Right at the beauty salon, a women’s retreat or at a female-only spas. You will increase your chances of meeting an eligible bachelor by joining a local gym, attending sporting events or going to financial conferences. There are a lot of men out there, you just have to know where to look [I can help with that].

3. Join A Dating Site

For some of you, your pride and ego might hold you back from joining EHarmony or Christian Mingle, but they [your pride and ego] won’t help you in becoming a wife and mother. [I'm just saying]

4. Hire A Professional. 

If what you've been trying isn't working, perhaps it's time to try something new. Employ a matchmaker (Preferably me!). The same way companies use a head-hunter to find the best candidate for a position in their company, you should use this same strategy to find candidate to be "in your company". 

5. Believe

Last but not least, you have to believe that there are men out there who fit your ideals. As a man who sought out his wife, I hope I can be a source of  encouragement for what is possible for you. There are men who are working on themselves and trying to step up to the plate to be leaders, husbands and fathers. Believe that. 

Keep hope alive!