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Step Your Game Up Sir

I don't know if you noticed but...things have changed. Oprah has her own network, Serena's grand slams are higher than her age and perm sales have plummeted.

I say all that to say, the world and the women in it are different today. There has been a shift. The modern woman is not like her momma. She is well read, well traveled and well heeled. Matrimony and motherhood are not her only aspirations. No sir! She desires for more.

So, when it comes to dating, she seeks a companion who shares similar values to her own. She doesn't want a man that can't hold her attention mentally, doesn't want to leave his state and whose wardrobe hasn't evolved.

Those that came before her, have schooled her to the game, so her BS barometer is supremely perceptive. She reads Essence, watch MTV's Guy Code Plus, having observed the way her brothers, uncles and male friends treat women, she's hip to how dudes do what they do. Steve Harvey's book just affirmed what she knew already.  She knows what time it is.

Now, the old way is not totally dead. It's still a man's world, but that because she understands true power is to give it. Thing is, she's not giving it away like she use to. A man has to bring his A game.

That's why I am giving you this brotherly nudge. I want to adamantly encourage you to step your game up.


PS: If you need assistance, put your ego aside and holla at me. That's what I'm here for. Salute!