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Know Your Value & Ask For It

You don't get what you're deserve. It's not automatic. You get what you negotiate.

We all want something from each other. It is what it is. That is how the world works.

Money is given and a product or service is received. If we really get to the core of it, it's about 'value for value'. I give you something you want; you give something I want in return. Simple. Whether it's a barter, trade, swap, prostitution or relationships, they are all built on this premise.

The reason some people get what they want, and others don't, is because they clearly grasp the what their value is and they ask for something in return for the value they provide.

Some our is mental. Some of it is emotional. Here are some ways you can comprehend, communicate and get compensated for your value:

Know Your Audience

To create value you have to know your audience. Once you identify who you are targeting, then you have to provide them with what would help them accomplish their goals. The internet has changed the game. Everyone has access to everyone. Your customer [or potential mate] now has so many choices that the ones that they pay attention to has to stand out.

Get Their Attention

First step is standing out to get them to even check you out. Who you are is as unique as your fingerprint. Focus on your specific gifts, talents and abilities, as well as your personality and story (check earlier post  Standing Out). Once you get their attention, you have to convince them that your product, talent or love is better than everyone else's. To stand out you have to be better than all the other options or more unique. How will people know you’re better?

Master Your Craft

The way they will know you are better is by you actually being better. When you develop mastery in your skill then your value goes up. Everybody wants the top talent. Add that to quality customer services and testimonials, the word will spread that you are providing high value content and service.

Know Your Worth

Once you have created value, you have to know the value. Knowing the value is the prerequisite of getting what you're worth. That may come in the form of a commitment from your significant other, a corporate brand sponsoring your tour or getting a raise from your boss. Knowing your worth will determine whether you will ask for $500 or $50,000. Some people are incredibly talented but don’t know it. Or they don’t ask for what they are worth.

Ask For It

Don't be afraid to ask for top dollar. There is a customer out there for every price point. Some people who see themselves--their talents or products--as valuable can even trick us into buying something that is not even worth it. Why? Because they understand the power of claiming the highest value for themselves. As a society, we believe that the more something costs, the better it is. More often than not, people will treat you the way you label yourself. It's not enough to internally know your value. You have to ask for it too.