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How A Modern Woman Can Approach A Guy Without Looking Desperate

I'm positive you've attended an event, and had to watch a guy you were interested in, walk right out the door, without him knowing, you wanted to get to know him.

This scenario plays out because it's not traditional for a woman to make the first move. And for many guys, they won’t even approach a woman who doesn’t give him a cue. 

What this creates in an impasse. He's scared of rejection and you don't believe that it's "lady-like" to approach a man. But, therein lies the rub!

So, what can you do about it? Good question! Glad you asked. Here are 2 cues you can employ to make it easy for him to come over and introduce himself.

1. Smile. A smile is a great way to nonverbally say "I am open to a conversation". Sounds simple but you'd be surprised how many times you might be wearing a frown and “you ain't even know it”.

2. Develop a “come hither look”. It’s a tactful way for a classy woman to make an advance. Webster Dictionary defines a “come hither look” as “an alluring or seductive look or glance”. This look can trigger a man’s innate desire to pursue.

I advise my clients to do something I call, "mirror work". Mirror work can be used for multiple things, one of which is practicing your body language. 85% of communication is nonverbal. Before you go out there, it's important to get the right "welcome" down pact (and to make sure that there is nothing between your teeth). :-)