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Belief Births Reality

Living in a city like NYC, can make people give up on the possibility of finding true love. New Yorkers know what I mean.

With all the jokers and game players you meet everyday, many of us, have lost hope. We think to ourselves "it's just not possible". Right?

Thing is, what we believe becomes our reality. It creates a filter through which we see our world. Only seeing evidence that supports that belief. I encourage you today, and every day, to keep hope. Affirm it. Say to yourself "It is possible". Repeat it daily. Until it becomes a conviction. This is how you shift your destiny.

This is what did in 2005. Two years later, I met a beautiful human being named Nefra on the train at Penn Station [lol, of all places, I know!]

On 10.20.12, we celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary! Maybe I'm lucky. Maybe I'm just optimistic. Or maybe...my belief became my reality.