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When It Feels So Good!

The Journey To Find Love

Falling in love can be a beautiful thing, but it can also be really scary. Love at the term itself,  "falling" in love. The last time I checked falling (in the literal sense) isn't fun. It's usually accidental. Falling is how many of us hurt ourselves, and once we've been hurt, we try to avoid experiencing that same pain again. 

If you fall, and you're caught by a nice cushy mattress called love, that feels good. You have to know in advance, that love will be there. The memory of being hurt can get in the way. Once we feel the sensation of losing our balance and the motion, or emotion, of falling, we become afraid. We fear being hurt. We fear rejection. We fear being betrayed. We fear it not working out. So many of us walk into relationships holding our breath, thinking to ourselves, "what if (fill in 'your' fear or negative outcome here)".

You feel justified in your fear, because in past relationships you mustered up the courage to let go and be vulnerable, only to fall flat on your face. Still, in the face of the possibility of being hurt, some of us, get up and try again. And again. 

The good thing is through the process of dating, being committed and going through break ups, you learn really valuable lessons. You get to know yourself on multiple levels. And even though there may be tears, feelings of frustration, inequity and regret along the way, you keep on trying.

Then one day, you meet someone. Someone who, at first, might seem to good to be true. Someone who gives you back, what you give them. Someone who might express love different than you, but in your spirit, you feel the reciprocity. Your smile is always on. There is a glow about you. It just makes you just want to exhale, and sing...

 ♫ ♫ It's so good, loving somebody, when that somebody loves you back. ♫