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4 Simple Factors To Finding Your Perfect Fit

On face value, two people can look really good together while fundamentally they aren't compatible on a deeper. Values, mindset, spirituality, finances and personality types all matter when it come to finding the right partner. Compatibility is a prerequisite of a successful relationship. 

Even in business, companies that provide the same services, find it next to impossible to collaborate, because they  keep stepping on each others toes. The best partnerships are mutually beneficial and each side's strengths and weaknesses are balanced by other's.

Compatibility goes beyond just having some 'thing' in common. You need a combination of a few factors.

1.  Physical Attraction

Regardless of what you may have heard, physical attraction matters! After 4 years of being a matchmaker and relationship coach, I have found that the key factor for most of my clients to commit to a second date was 90% dependent on whether they were physically attracted to the other person. 

2.  Financial Chemistry

According to Pew Research, money is the the #1 cause of divorce. Having a similar money mindset is an extremely important component for a relationship to work. Financial chemistry matters. It should never be neglected or overlooked. 

3.  Shared Values

Having shared values is the most important factor in compatibly. Values are at the core of who you are. They determine how you spend your time, allocate resources and manage your family. When two people have opposing values they will fight and argue constantly. Without having shared values the relationship won't last. 

4. Compatible Personalities

Personalities are like puzzle pieces. Some fit together, some don't. Couples clash more frequently when they have contrasting personas.  Whether it's a romantic, familial relationships, platonic, or professional relationship, your personality types often will determine the success of that union.

The truth is, whether it is a personal or professional relationship, compatibility is at the core of successful unions. There is somebody for everyone. If you are not already with someone who is your perfect match, don't worry. There is someone out there that is the perfect fit for who you are.