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Capture Your Dreams

None of us are given a manual on how to properly use the human body.

We learn from trail and error, or information passed down from our parents and teachers [which they got from theirs].Scientists and psychologists are still studying and discovering new information about our species and what we are capable of.

Think of your body as an antenna. Like an antenna, your body can pick up vibrations ["vibes"] or waves within the atmosphere around us. When we are tuned into a particular frequency we can channel pictures on the TV screen of our minds.

Metaphysicians believe that these motion pictures that we receive are called, dreams. Many Christians refer to it as, "God's way of talking to you".

Not knowing the full capacity of the machinery that our spirits are housed in, many of us receive visions, epiphanies and dreams, but dismiss them or devalue their true worth.

When we constantly stop the transmission of our dreams, we will eventually, lose the ability to use this faculty in the way it is in intended. What you don’t use you lose.

Dreams can come true, when we allow them to come through.

When they do come through, make sure you  capture them. It might end up be a multimillion dollar idea! You don't want to risk, let that not come through, right? Type them in the notes app on your phone [I like to use Evernote], record them on the recorder app or  if you're old school and need to feel the ballpoint roll across the page, then carry around a notebook. Whatever works.

One important to remember  is, a dream, or idea, doesn't always come through in great detail. It may come through in a picture, a melody or a book concept. And contrary to popular belief these dreams can happen when you are wake.

However it comes through, whenever is comes through,  capture it!