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How To Win An Argument

It takes two to tango. So before dealing with the drama kings and queens in your daily lives, remember, the best cure for drama is prevention.

The people that you come in contact with throughout the day, are all dealing with their own stuff. Bills, responsibilities, constipation, lack of sex, low self-esteem, etc....

All that stuff causes inner sickness (dis-ease). This uneasiness, causing internal agitation. Like food, anything we ingest has to be released --in some shape or form. For many of us, an argument, is the best excretion for negative emotions and stress.

So, before you respond to some BS from someone looking to dump their stuff on you, know when to zip your lip and say nada. That's how you win and an argument. You win by not getting into one.

It requires a certain level of discipline and awareness, but you can do it!