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Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

Have you ever heard the saying, "power without focus is wasted energy"? Last night I was mediating on this idea and how it applies to our daily productivity.

On a very basic level, we can look at power as energy. We all have energy [or what the Taoist call inner-chi].  We need it to do simple things like walk, talk and operate the human body. Many of us waste our energy in small increments. We do minor things over the course of our day that prevents us from harnessing the major power needed to effectively execute on the plans we had early in the morning [if we had a plan at all]. 

Of course, the ability to be flexible and flow with the punches is necessary, however, it is possible, to be the 'cause' in your life, and not the 'effect'. How does one do that? Here is a list of 4 simple ways to stay focused, protect your energy and be productive throughout the day. 

1. Go Within - You have to train yourself to keep your mind locked on the target. The target being your goals. Prayer, meditation and visualization are great tools to get mentally and spiritually ready to maintain concentration throughout the day.

2. Stick To The Script - You should also have a written list of tasks. After each task you return to the list and put a line through it. Seems simple but this is a excellent way to focus the mind. If it's not on the list, don't do it. 

3. Schedule It - The number one relationship should be the one you have with yourself. Crave out uninterrupted time, with yourself, to focus and complete these tasks. Train the people around who you're in a relationship with [whether business or personal] to respect this sacred, get-things-done, portion of your day. Communicate, in advance, and let them know the designated times you have allotted in your schedule for them to come and get what they need from you. 

4. Avoid Pettiness - One of the biggest drains on our energy is pettiness. Many of us allow small things to hinder our progression and momentum. We can't pick up speed on the road to complete our to-do-list, because we are stopped by red lights at every single corner. People who are serious about accomplishing lofty goals are immune to petty gripes. They choose to avoid small battles because there are bigger wars to fight. They don't lose sight of the big picture because their caught up in minute details. They manage and protect their energy.

I know these are things that probably already know, but sometimes we all have to be reminded, to do the basics. Life is too short to waste time getting caught in minusha. You don't want to look back one day and wish you didn't let politics, people pleasing or pettiness prevent your productivity. Avoid sowing seeds of regret.  It sounds cliché, but your really shouldn't sweat the small stuff. Keep your eyes... on the prize!