If you don’t like this title, you can change it (if/when you get the job). I’m looking for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, desire to learn, and great project management skills who wants to build a business and brand from “Ground Zero to The Penthouse.” 


  • Vision: A world where everyone find happiness, first within themselves and then the people in their lives.
  • Mission: The mission of is to help people find love and keep it alive”, by giving them the tips and tools to become their highest self and have amazing personal and professional relationships.
  • History: In 2009, began as an inspirational site about me and my accomplishments. That matured into a blog site, live events, one on one coaching, and private workshops. Since then, corporate speaking and online trainings on communication and wellness trainings have emerged.
  • Why I’m Hiring: I know and understand that to go to the next level, I need to build a team. The first step is to able to ask for/invest in help. My strengths and expertises are in marketing, relationships, ideation, speaking and product development. I want to hand to over the other parts of my business to a partner who can handle everything behind the curtain.
  • Products: I need your help to touch more lives through my online programs (Relationship Readiness, The Next Level, ), Live Events, books (Alpha Male, Alpha Female, Alpha Dating & Alpha Couples) and coaching programs. 
  • Services: I need your help to touch more lives through my corporate speaking, college speaking, individual and group coaching businesses.


  • Education: Your education doesn’t matter. However, you must be a lifelong learner and demonstrate investment in personal and professional growth. I don’t care what school you went to or if you went to school at all. All I care about is serving those who need what I have to offer in the deepest way possible. If you can help me do that, I would be happy to consider working with you.
  • Experience: You must demonstrate evidence and artifacts (pictures, screenshots, documents, proposals, recommendations, testimonials, case stories, etc.) of moving the success metrics mentioned below forward.
  • Technologies: Ontraport or Infusionsoft, MailChimp, Google Docs, Square Space, Wrike, Quickbooks, Keynote or PPT.
  • Nice-To-Haves: basic video editing and photography skills


Success metrics include:

  • Web: website visits, conversions
  • Email: open rates, click through rates
  • Social Media: LinkedIn followers, FB fans & engagement, Twitter followers & IG.


  • Email Marketing: Weekly emails & blog posts, Copy editing, Form & funnel creation, Lead tagging & routing
  • Website: SEO, Landing page creation
  • Community engagement: Private FB group management, Success story gathering, Client testimonials
  • Partnerships: Like-minded personalities (i.e. Paul Carrick Brunson), Online hubs (i.e. Forbes, Inc, etc.), Offline organizations, Conferences, Media outlets
  • Social Media: LinkedIn publishing & promotion, Facebook page management, Facebook ads, Facebook writing & posting, Twitter/IG writing & posting
  • Editing: Edit or get all outgoing content edited (via or Grammarly)


Success metrics include:

  • Online & Coaching: new leads, new students, repeat students
  • Speaking: new leads, new clients, repeat clients


  • Online Product Launches: Lead generation, Marketing plan & execution, Registration setup
  • Corporate Speaking: Lead generation, Speaking inquiries via the web, Email & phone follow-up, Proposal writing, Contract generation & follow-up (I’m open to outsourcing to a speaker’s bureau)
  • College Speaking: Lead generation, Speaking inquiries via the web, Email & phone follow-up, Proposal writing, Contract generation & follow-up (I’m open to outsourcing to a speaker’s bureau)
  • Coaching: Lead generation, Coaching inquiries via the web, Email & phone follow-up, Contract generation & follow-up, Scheduling for groups & individuals
  • Affiliates & Alumni: Affiliate relationship building & swaps (i.e. webinars), Promotion pages (pre-written tweets, FB status updates, images, & copy)


Success metrics include:

  • Time & Cost Saving: Improved automation and efficiency of systems, Great relationships with vendors


  • Calendar Management: Project plans, schedule meetings
  • Travel: Book flights, hotels, and rental cars via
  • Event Management: Venue, Promotion (video, flyers, landing page, emails), Day-of registration, Supplies
  • Book Keeping: Invoicing & managing A/R, Input all receipts into Quickbooks, Handle quarterly reporting with accountant, Handle IRS/tax inquiries with accountant
  • Outsourced Services: Manage any outsourced services and vendors (i.e. accounting, editing, transcriptions, design, web development, etc.)


  • Pay will be negotiated based on the value the individual can confidently demonstrate in the application and interview process.
  • Payment terms can be weekly, bi-weekly, hourly, or on a project-basis.
  • You will be an independent contractor and responsible for your own health care. The initial contract will be 6-months with a 12-month extension based on performance.


  • The position starts when I find the right person.
  • The business and office are based in Los Angeles, CA. While I prefer to have someone locally, I’m open to a virtual relationship if there are strong communication and personal accountability.
  • The work can be anywhere from 10-20 hours per week, and hours can be negotiated based on the needs of the business and when you perform at your highest.


After doing a deep dive into and anything else you can find out about me online, please submit a 1-2 page proposal outlining how you would grow my business and brand and why you are the one to do it.

Information that may help you:

Be creative, but be sure to include your:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Personal website or blog address
  • Social media links for LinkedIn, Facebook, IG, and/or Twitter
  • Proudest professional moment or greatest success relevant to my brand
  • Any evidence and artifacts that show your results (pictures, screenshots, documents, proposals, recommendations, testimonials, case stories, etc.)
  • Personal capital: Relevant character traits (i.e. gifts, talents, strengths)
  • Intellectual capital: Relevant skills, subject mastery, or “informal” education (i.e. trainings, conferences, books read, certificates, Skillshare classes, etc.)
  • Social capital: Relevant relationships (i.e. individuals, organizations, networks, associations, media outlets, etc.)
  • Desired monthly salary based on the evidence presented above
  • Attachments (Optional)
  • Resume (Optional)

Email your application to with the SUBJECT LINE: “[Your Name:] Exec. Asst. App” (i.e. Auset Aswad: Exec. Asst. App)